Liberal Arts – Humanities (B.A.)

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Liberal Arts – Humanities, BA

Broaden your perspective, build in-demand skills and increase your opportunities

124 Credit Hours

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8-week terms

About the Campbell Adult and Online Education Liberal Arts - Humanities BA (AOE)

The liberal arts bachelor’s degree program at AOE provides a comprehensive, interdisciplinary overview of the humanities and a strong, well-rounded background in the social sciences, math, and sciences to prepare you to work in a variety of fields. Humanities degrees encourage students to think, critique, persuade and develop vital 21st-century skills and perspectives that create options for entering or advancing in the job market.

Liberal Arts – Humanities BA Learning Outcomes

A liberal arts education does not tie you down to any one profession or career. A humanities-based education allows you to broaden your mind, instills a sense of social responsibility, and creates perspective that allows you to examine the world in a multitude of ways and from diverse perspectives.

Liberal arts encompasses more than the arts and humanities. The AOE program exposes you to a variety of academic subjects including science, math, and the social sciences. The program combines multiple academic disciplines and areas of interest to create a well-rounded educational knowledge base and the types of soft skills that are in high demand by employers and are relevant to a wide variety of career and graduate education paths.

Why Choose Campbell AOE for Your Liberal Arts - Humanities, BA

The AOE Liberal Arts – Humanities program provides a broad knowledge base across academic disciplines.

  • Explore your interests while earning a liberal arts bachelor’s degree that can open the door to greater career opportunities, higher earnings, and career mobility.
  • Focus on interdisciplinary learning that applies to a variety of career fields or is a stepping stone to graduate-level education and specialized advanced skills.
  • Develop high-demand “soft skills that employers are seeking including communication, creative and critical thinking, and problem-solving — all of which are adaptable to virtually every field or industry.
  • Leverage the flexibility of getting your liberal arts degree entirely online in a program specifically designed for the needs of online and adult learners.
  • Benefit from accelerated 8-week terms that allow you to complete your degree sooner and put your new skills to work faster.
  • Get a more personal experience with smaller class sizes, allowing greater connection/interaction with your instructors.

The Liberal Arts - Humanities BA Curriculum

AOE courses are designed in eight-week accelerated terms to allow flexibility for adult learners. The AOE liberal arts program introduces students to a broad range of humanities, arts and social sciences. Courses vary from semester to semester. Please consult the academic catalog for the most up-to-date information.

Courses You Will Take

  • Intro to Liberal Arts 
  • Intro to Philosophy 
  • Christian Ethics 
  • World Religions
  • Fine Arts
  • Math
  • Science
  • Foreign Languages
  • History
  • English
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Skills You Will Learn

  • Critical thinking
  • Innovative thinking
  • Written and verbal communication
  • Global awareness
  • Ethical thinking
  • Project and time management
  • Cultural and social awareness and sensitivity

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Jobs With a Liberal Arts-Humanities Degree

Liberal arts graduates are not limited to one career field or area of specialization. The broad skill set acquired through a liberal arts education is relevant to diverse career fields including:

  • Retail
  • Project management
  • Hospitality
  • Event management
  • Business
  • Finance
  • Social services
  • Arts and nonprofit
  • Media and communications
  • Human resource management
  • Real estate
  • Federal, state, and local government

Getting Started in the AOE Liberal Arts - Humanities, BA Program

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