Accounting, BBA

Accounting, BBA 

Prepare to be a leader in the financial industry 


Keeping businesses responsible for the money they have, earn, save, and spend is the primary focus of the accounting profession. Although accounting involves numbers, it isn’t necessary to be a math expert to excel in this field of study. Instead, accounting involves analyzing and reporting financial transactions to improve business performance. Accounting majors learn how to create and interpret financial documents such as balance sheets and income statements. They can also choose to learn forensic accounting (applying scientific knowledge to a legal problem), which involves investigating and solving property crimes by studying financial reports. Accounting majors can contribute positively to society on multiple levels and find excellent job opportunities, even in volatile economic environments.

The major in Accounting is flexible, consisting of courses that prepare you for a variety of options after graduation. Many of our graduates find employment positions in CPA firms, corporations, government agencies, and non-profit organizations.

An ideal major for students who are uncertain as to the specific positions they will occupy after graduation, the Business Administrative degree provides a broad-based education that is especially attractive to students planning to work in a family business or to go into business for themselves.

The Accounting degree offers excellent preparation for Master of Business Administration (MBA), Master of Accountancy, or law school degrees. 

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