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Online Courses

Approval Process for Main Campus Students to Take Online Courses

For the detailed approval process for taking online courses and related forms, visit Online’s Main Campus Students page

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If you have any questions, please email

Extended Campus Courses

Approval Process for Main Campus Students to Take Courses at Camp Lejeune, Fort Liberty/Pope, or Raleigh Locations

Main campus students requesting permission to enroll in courses at the Raleigh, Camp Lejeune, or Fort Liberty & Pope locations should be advised of the following University Policies.

  • Forms will NO LONGER be accepted in person. ALL forms must be submitted DIGITALLY using the link in Step 3 below.
  • Registration requests will be entered in the order in which they are submitted
  • If you have a bursar’s office hold, registration hold, etc., your form will be rejected and you must resubmit your form after the hold is removed. 

Approval process

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Please contact the campus you are interested in attending.