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Program Overview

Campbell University is committed to empowering students to achieve academic success by providing timely access to essential learning materials.

The Camel Direct Textbook Program provides Adult and Online Education Undergraduate students access to required textbooks, lab manuals, and computer codes for an affordable flat rate per semester.


STUDENT RATE PER credit hour
Adult and Online Education undergraduate students $25.00

Students enrolled in the program save an average of 65% on textbooks per semester.

How it Works

  1. Register for classes and be on the lookout for a welcome email. Near the start of the Session, you will receive an email with a link to your personalized ordering page.
  2. Your account will be charged a flat-rate fee based on your enrolled credit hours.  Adult and Online students will be charged $25 per registered credit hour. You are opted into this program and will be charged unless you opt out.
  3. The bookstore will box up all of the books you need.  You can choose to pick up from the bookstore or have the books shipped directly to you.
  4. Start the first day of class with the books needed to succeed!
  5. At the end of the session, return your rentals in-store or use the low-cost shipping label to ship them back to the store.

Textbook Rental FAQs

The program provides all required textbooks, lab manuals, access codes and electronic book versions to adult and online students.

The program does not include consumables that cannot be returned such as lab goggles, dissection kits, molecular biology kits, engineering kits or nursing kits.

Students are required to return items issued through the book program to the University Bookstore the week after a session is over.

If you wish to opt-out of the Camel Direct program, you must complete the electronic form found HERE.  The form must be completed by the first day of class.

Students are opted out for the entire Semester (the I and II sessions).  If you wish to opt back in for the second session, please contact your home campus.

If a course is added the student will place an online order for the course materials needed through the University Bookstore

Students dropping a course or withdrawing from the University must return items issued through the book program within 24 hours of the course drop or University withdrawal.

Due to the rules around your funding, you are automatically opt-ed out of the program. Please see your VA counselor if you have any questions..

Policy for Title IV Financial Aid Recipients

In accordance with federal regulations, Campbell University has established a policy under which an eligible Title IV financial aid recipient may opt-out of the flat-rate book program. Students are encouraged to read the opt-out policy, prior to submitting the Title IV Financial Aid Recipient Textbook Program Opt-Out electronic form.

  • Students opting out of the Camel Book Program must opt-out before the first day of class and may not re-enter the program during the session.
  • Students electing to opt-out of the program must remit the Title IV Financial Aid Recipient Textbook Program Opt-Out electronically prior to the first day of classes.
  • Students electing to opt-out of the program and have received their books from Barnes and Noble through the book program are required to return the books to the bookstore within 24 hours of submitting the electronic form.  Students failing to do so will be assessed the full cost of each book to their student account.
  • Title IV financial aid recipients have the option of purchasing books at their own expense. It is the responsibility of the student to purchase all required books for the program should they opt-out of the program.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to review the book list on our website and confirm the title and ISBN number for the current book being used for the course with their instructor, as editions can change frequently.
  • The transfer of financial aid credit balances (Book Bucks) is not available for students eligible to participate in the Camel Book Program.  The Camel Book Program satisfies Title IV Cash Management requirements.