Master of Science Applied Leadership

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Master of Science in Applied Leadership

Enhance Your Leadership Knowledge and Skills Across a Wide Variety of Fields

30 Graduate Credit Hours

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100% Online

Course format
8-week terms

About the Campbell Adult and Online Education (AOE) Master of Science in Applied Leadership Program

The mission of the Master of Science in Applied Leadership program is to develop students’ leadership skills across a range of disciplines. This program develops research-based skills needed to lead in many contexts, from non-profits to corporations, and from community groups to educational institutions and the U.S. Military.

This program embeds real-world experience by bringing in experts in a variety of leadership roles across many fields. The curriculum and assessment both focus on the application of concepts and are based on the premise that everyone can develop strong leadership capabilities.

2 Concentrations Available:

  • Data Analysis and Decision Making 
  • Organizational Leadership


Why Choose Campbell AOE for Your Applied Leadership Degree

The Master of Science in Applied Leadership is aimed at students who want to improve their leadership knowledge and skills across a wide range of fields. It is not limited to those who have already proven leadership ability; instead it is based on the notion that any student who wants to develop these skills and follow effective leadership practices can do so, with study and training. This program will help you lead in all aspects of your life: in your work, volunteer activities, places of worship, families, and among friends – everywhere.

This program is unique in several ways:

  • Not only is it interdisciplinary in its approach, but it also has an integrated core of seven classes that includes and culminates in a capstone class where you will implement a change in your world.
  • Each core class requires an application of skills documented in an electronic portfolio (ePortfolio) so you will have an enduring and shareable demonstration of your leadership knowledge and skills.
  • Real-world practitioners will be invited into most classes to share application of concepts to take the learning beyond theory and to support practice.

The Master of Science in Applied Leadership includes options that teach many of the top skills needed for managerial positions according to the EAB (Education Advisory Board): change management, conflict resolution, project management, & finance and data analysis.

The Applied Leadership MAS Curriculum

Courses You Will Take

Courses are designed in eight-week accelerated terms to allow flexibility for adult learners.

  • Lead 601: Ethics and Leadership
  • Lead 602: Leadership Foundation and Theories
  • Lead 603: Building Trust and Effective Communication
  • Lead 604: Leading Teams and Collaborations
  • Lead 605: Change Management and Creativity
  • Lead 606: Overcoming Challenges, Conflict and Courage
  • Lead 701: Capstone: Implementing Leadership Skills

Concentration 1: Data Analytics and Decision Making

  • Lead 501: Data Analytics I
  • Lead 502: Data Analytics II
  • Lead 510: Problem-Solving and Root Cause Analysis

Concentration 2: Organizational Leadership

  • Lead 520: Financial Management for Non-Financial Leaders
  • Lead 551 (MBA 751): Project Management
  • Lead 552 (MBA 752): Human Resources Management
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Skills You Will Learn

The curriculum in the Master of Science in Applied Leadership prepares you to lead in a wide range of areas and disciplines. You will develop both knowledge and real-world skill, applying concepts and theories to both cases and aspects of your life. This program will give you the knowledge, skills, and grounding in your personal life so you can lead with purpose. In addition, each course emphasizes skill development in:

  • Ethical Leadership Theories
  • Classical and Contemporary Leadership Approaches
  • Proficient and Artful Communication
  • Theories and Practices for Implementing Organizational Change, Prioritizing the Importance of a Culture the Supports Innovation and Creativity
  • How to Handle Challenges, Deal Effectively with Conflict, and Find the Courage to Make and Implement Difficult Decisions and to Deal with Difficult People
  • Understanding the Role of Teams and Teamwork in Contemporary Organizations


Jobs with the Applied Leadership Graduate Degree

  • Medical & Health Services Manager
  • Management Analyst
  • General & Operations Manager
  • Human Resources Manager
  • Personal Service Manager
  • Military Officer
  • Military Advancement

Admissions Requirements

  • A minimum of a bachelor’s degree in any field from a regionally accredited US institution with a cumulative GPA of at least 2.5.
  • Satisfy Campbell University General Admission Requirements by submitting a completed application.
  • No standardized tests such as GREs are required for full admission.

Getting Started in an AOE Master of Science in Applied Leadership Program

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