Raleigh Campus

Students applying for admission must hold a high school diploma or GED. For students with previous college experience, the primary factor in the admissions decision is previous college performance with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0. This is followed by high school performance and SAT and/or ACT scores. We also consider work experience, extracurricular activities, community involvement, and a student’s potential to contribute positively to the Campbell environment.

There is no application fee at the Raleigh Campus.

Our classes are run in eight-week terms with rolling admissions. You can start the program in the term that best meets your schedule. We recommend that you submit all enrollment materials at least 2 weeks prior to your start date so we can process your application.

Campbell University is a member of Service Members Opportunity Colleges (SOC), a consortium of over 1,800 institutions pledged to be reasonable in working with service members and veterans trying to earn degrees while pursuing demanding, transient careers. As a SOC member, Campbell is committed to easing the transfer of relevant course credits, providing flexible academic residency requirements, and crediting learning from appropriate military training and work experiences. SOC is sponsored by fifteen national higher education associations with the military services, the National Guard Bureau, and the Office of the Secretary of Defense serving as cooperating agencies.

Active service persons must consult with the Education Services Officer (ESO) on his or her military facility before submitting an application for VA benefits. Veterans should contact the VA certifying official for detailed information. Raleigh’s on-site certifying VA counselor is Tashia Alexander and she can be reached at alexander@campbell.edu.

Raleigh students can earn up to 49% of their degree online. The 49% will vary depending on the number of transfer credits. The calculation will include the number of transfer credits. 49% rule calculation: number of hours needed for the degree minus the number of transfer credits multiplied by .49 equals the number of hours allowed to take online.

When requesting a transcript, the following must be included: The student’s name, all former names, social security number, dates of attendance at Campbell University, current address, and where the transcript is to be sent.

All transcript requests must be signed by the student. Near the beginning or end of a term, the period required to process a transcript request may be somewhat longer than one week.
All transcript requests are billed at the rate of $5.00 per request. All fees must be included with the request if the transcript is to be issued. Make your check payable to “Campbell University.” A transcript will not be issued to or for a student who is indebted to the University or who is late in payment on any student loan.

If you have questions about the transcript request process, please call the Office of the Registrar at (800) 334-4111 extension 1265.