Main Campus Students

Online Courses

Main campus students interested in taking online courses should reference the policies and process for obtaining approval.

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Extended Campus Courses

Main campus students requesting permission to enroll for courses at one of Campbell University’s extended campuses should be advised of the following University Policies.

  • The requested course will not be available on the main campus during the semester in which the extended campus course is requested. Furthermore, the student must demonstrate that the requested course is necessary for a timely graduation.
  • Approval must be obtained from the student’s faculty adviser and chairperson of the department where the course resides.
  • If a student enrolls for six (6) or more semester hours on main campus and additional semester hours through extended campus sites during a semester such that he is registered for at least 12 hours, the student is considered a full time, main campus student and must pay the full time main campus student tuition and applicable fees.
  • The maximum number of combined hours from all campuses during any semester may not exceed 18.5 hours.
  • International students must obtain permission from the office of International Admissions prior to enrolling for any courses at the extended campus sites.

Procedures for enrollment in courses offered at the extended campuses:

  • Present this form with all signatures to the office of Adult & Online Education at 79 Bolton Rd. or directly to the administrative office at the campus where the course is offered and complete a registration form specific to that campus.
  • After 24 hours verify the course shows up in your WebAccess account and contact the administrative office at the campus for classroom location and procedures for base access where applicable.
  • Tuition charges will be charged to the student account. It is the student’s responsibility to notify the University Business office to determine tuition charges.
  • Textbook information can be found on the campus website and in the course syllabus available on the Blackboard course site.
  • It is the student’s obligation to read and comply with the extended campus course withdrawal and add/drop procedures of the campus.


Approval must be obtained from the student’s faculty adviser. During the Spring and Fall Semesters the chairperson of the department where the course resides must also approve the request. All exceptions to policy must be approved by the student’s Academic Dean.

Download the approval form