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Clinical Research, BAS

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About the Campbell Adult and Online Education (AOE) Clinical Research Program

Clinical research is the branch of medical science that determines the safety and effectiveness of therapies, medications, biological agents, vaccines, and medical devices intended for human use. Clinical researchers work toward the goals of advancing medical knowledge and improving healthcare.

Clinical research is not lab-based, it is people-centered and covers the entire spectrum of safety and effective usage. Clinical researchers work with products before they are prescribed and administered to the general public to determine their efficacy and safety. These researchers also study the use of medications, vaccines, medical devices, and other products after they are in use by the general public to monitor any new side effects or potential new applications.

Campbell AOE’s program is one of only two undergraduate clinical research degree programs in North Carolina. The program is designed to train professionals to enter one of the fastest-growing health-related professions today — there is a great demand for high-quality clinical monitors and study coordinators. 

In the clinical research program, you will learn about regulations governing clinical trials, data management, and how to manage and monitor clinical trials. During your clinical research training, you will study the mechanisms of disease and the impact on our bodies and learn about how diseases are spread and how to determine the populations at risk. In the program curriculum, you will also learn about and examine the psychological and social impacts of disease.

Clinical Research Learning Outcomes

The AOE bachelor’s program focuses on developing professionals who have fundamental skills and knowledge in all areas related to clinical research, from the basics of anatomy and physiology to scientific research, product development, and clinical trials. In addition, program learning outcomes emphasize: 

  • Scientific concepts and research design
  • Ethical and participant safety considerations
  • Development and regulation of medicines
  • Clinical trials operations
  • Study and site management
  • Data management and informatics
  • Leadership and professionalism
  • Communication and teamwork
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Why Choose Campbell AOE for Clinical Research?

The clinical research program is one of only two undergraduate clinical research programs in the state – and the longest-standing program in this region of the country. The AOE program provides you with a broad knowledge base in the core areas that are critical to the profession. In addition, the program allows you to: 

  • Study clinical research in a highly regarded, well-established program.
  • Leverage the flexibility of completing your clinical research degree online in a program specifically designed for the needs of online and adult learners.
  • Benefit from accelerated 8-week terms and complete your clinical research degree sooner to put your new skills to work faster.
  • Learn from award-winning faculty and instructors who actively work in the clinical research field and bring their research expertise and long-time classroom experience to the program.
  • Benefit from the option of transferring your associate degree credits from Durham Tech and Wake Tech to Campbell’s pathway program to earn your bachelor’s degree in clinical research.
  • Get a more personal experience with smaller class sizes, allowing greater connection/interaction with your instructors.
  • Benefit from the program’s proximity and ties to the 2nd most concentrated area for clinical research in the country — the Research Triangle Park.  Our students find many employment opportunities with companies in this area.
  • Take advantage of networking and information about employment opportunities facilitated by faculty who are working clinical researchers.

The Clinical Research Curriculum

AOE are courses designed in eight-week accelerated terms to allow flexibility for adult learners. Courses vary from semester to semester. Please consult the academic catalog for the most up-to-date information.

Courses You Will Take

The clinical research program introduces students to a broad range of course subjects, including:

  • Principles of Clinical Research
  • New Product Development
  • Regulatory Affairs
  • Data Management
  • Managing and Monitoring Clinical Trials
  • Ethics in Clinical Research
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Skills You Will Learn

  • Scientific concepts and research design
  • Ethical and participant safety considerations
  • Medicines development and regulation
  • Clinical trials operations
  • Study and site management
  • Data management and informatics
  • Leadership and professionalism
  • Communication and teamwork

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Clinical Research Jobs

The demand for graduates with a Bachelor of Science in Clinical Research is greater and growing faster than ever before. At Campbell, about 97% of clinical research students are hired within three months after graduating. Qualified and competent research personnel are in demand for career opportunities in:

  • Academic medical centers
  • Biopharmaceutical/biotechnology companies
  • Community-based investigative centers
  • Contract research organizations
  • Governmental supported organizations and agencies
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Medical device companies
  • Hospital and clinical locations
  • Data management
  • Regulatory affairs

Getting Started in the AOE Clinical Research Program

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