Information Technology Security, BS

Information Technology Security, BS

Prepare to be a leader in an expanding field


The purpose of our four-year degree program in B.S. (Bachelor of Science) in Information Technology and Security is to provide education and training in information technology management emphasizing the changing role of IT in the 21st century, introducing the fastest-growing educational program in information assurance – information security, safe computing, information privacy, and internet safety – emphasizing its role in personal and corporate computing, and educate students about intelligence creation, storage, and distribution to take challenges created by new positions in IT industry

Why Study ITS?

  1. Our students consistently place well above average in both ACT and SAT entrance exams.
  2. The field of Information Technology and Security is experiencing massive growth as the Internet and accompanying needs of security are becoming more important.
  3. Business ethics, integrity and honesty are the hallmarks of a dependable workforce and these traits are part of the ITS program.
  4. Our program offers one track in Information Security and another in Information Management. The Information Security track is critical as Cyber Security needs increase daily. The Information Management track involves E-Commerce and Software Engineering.

The analytical skills and knowledge gained through the study of ITS may lead to an exciting career in a wide variety of professions. Here is a sample:

  • Antiterrorism Specialist
  • Corporate Security Officer
  • Systems Analyst
  • Technical Consultant
  • Web/Internet Security
  • Computer Crime Investigation
  • Web Design/Computer Graphics and Animation
  • Web Programming and System Design
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