Social Science – History (B.S.)

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Social Science – History, BS

Learn from the past and help shape the future

124 Credit Hours

Locations offered
Camp Lejeune
Fort Liberty

Course format
8-week terms

About the Campbell Adult and Online Education (AOE) Social Science-History BS Program

Why do we study history? Quite simply, studying history and learning about the past prepares us to work and lead with knowledge and informed perspective today — and tomorrow. The study of history creates a deeper understanding of how the past has affected — and will continue to affect — the political, social, cultural, and economic developments influencing the modern world. The process of learning about the complexities and challenges of the collective human experience cultivates the critical thinking, communication, and analytical skills that are essential to almost any career pursuit. It also provides a strong foundation for active and informed citizenship.

Campbell AOE’s Bachelor of Science (BS) in Social Science with a concentration in history is designed to provide you with a solid background in European, American, and Non-Western history and the major movements within these societies. It provides an understanding of how these historical factors impact today’s political and social activities. The degree can not only be applied to a variety of careers, but it is also a springboard for advanced graduate or professional studies and military career advancement.

Social Science – History BS Learning Outcomes

The History BS program is designed to develop a comprehensive knowledge base in history and related areas within the social sciences. Learning outcomes emphasize:

  • Understanding economics
  • Increasing knowledge of geography
  • Understanding history as a social science
  • Learning about national government
  • Developing an understanding of sociology in the context of history
  • Understanding United States history
  • Developing expertise within focus areas including American, European, Latin American, Asian, and Middle Eastern history
  • Increasing communication and research skills

Why Choose Campbell AOE for Your Social Science-History BS?

The AOE Social Science – History BS program provides a broad knowledge base in several core areas and a foundation in history and social sciences coursework that applies to a variety of professional options or can be the basis for further graduate-level education.

  • Leverage the flexibility of taking your Social Science – History BS degree at one of two base campuses — Camp Lejeune or Fort Liberty, in a program specifically designed for the needs of adult learners.
  • Benefit from accelerated 8-week terms that allow you to complete your degree sooner and put your new skills to work faster.
  • Learn from instructors who bring real-world professional experience, subject expertise, and long-time classroom experience to the program.
  • Get a more personal experience with smaller class sizes, allowing greater connection/interaction with your instructors.
  • Take advantage of blended class options that meet both virtually and in person, allowing for in-person and online collaboration with other students and faculty.
  • Build a foundation for advanced study and degrees such as Master of Public Administration, Master of International Studies, or teacher licensure.

The AOE Social Science-History BS Curriculum

AOE courses are designed in eight-week accelerated terms to allow flexibility for adult learners. The AOE Social Science-History BS introduces students to a broad range of subjects. Courses vary from semester to semester. Please consult the academic catalog for the most up-to-date information.

Courses You Will Take

  • Micro- and Macroeconomics
  • Physical and World Geography
  • National Government
  • U.S. History
  • Principles of Sociology
  • History electives in focus areas include American History, Non-Western History and European History
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Skills You Will Learn

  • Reading, writing, and analysis
  • Critical thinking
  • Ethical thinking
  • Global perspectives
  • Research 
  • Collaboration 

Jobs With a History Degree

What you can do with a history degree is limited only by your personal career goals. The History BS program allows you to develop skills that apply to many career fields that require critical thinking, analysis, research, and communication skills. Graduates go on to careers in areas such as government service, teaching, business, security, and public history, depending on individual career goals and areas of specialization. The degree also opens opportunities for career advancement within the military.

Potential Job Opportunities

  • Archivist
  • Librarian
  • Museum researcher
  • Historical site coordinator
  • Museum educator
  • Researcher
  • Historical preservation
  • Journalism/communications
  • Nonprofit/foundation work
  • Cultural resources manager
  • Elementary and high school teacher (with teaching licensure)
  • Security personnel

A history degree provides a pathway to advanced education that can open other career opportunities, such as historian and college and university teaching, which require at least a master’s degree.

Getting Started in the AOE History BS Program

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