Social Science – Political Science

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Social Science – Political Science, BS

Develop career skills for opportunities in government, business, and education

124 Credit Hours

Locations offered
Camp Lejeune

Course format
8-week terms

About the Campbell Adult and Online Education (AOE) Social Science-Political Science BS

What is political science? Political science is the study of the theory and practice of government, including public policies, international relations, political theories, comparative politics, economics, and systems and frameworks of governments worldwide. Underscoring the importance of political science, this field of study offers insights into why and how people and societies govern themselves and forms the basis of policymaking and decision-making that affects countries and populations across the globe.

Campbell AOE offers a Bachelor of Science in Social Science with a concentration in political science at our Camp LeJeune campus. This social science degree is designed to provide military students and adult learners with a solid background in economics, geography, sociology, national, state and local government, and United States history. The program enables students to develop strong critical thinking, research, and writing skills and serves as excellent preparation for government service, public policy, teaching, or graduate study.

Social Science - Political Science BS Learning Outcomes

The AOE  bachelor of science in political science is designed to develop a comprehensive knowledge base of topics in political science within the framework of social science. Learning outcomes emphasize:

  • Understanding the nature and system of U.S. government.
  • Developing an understanding of the relationship between government and public policy. 
  • Increasing knowledge of geography and how it shapes both government and societies.
  • Developing an understanding of sociology in the context of political science.
  • Increasing communication, analysis, and research skills.
  • Developing a basic understanding of systems of government worldwide.
  • Applying writing, analytical, and research skills in the context of social science.
  • Developing expertise within focus areas including American, European, Latin American, Asian, and Middle Eastern history.
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Why Choose Campbell AOE for Your Political Science BS

The Adult and Online Education bachelor of science in political science provides you with a broad knowledge base in core areas and a diverse curriculum that allows you to tailor your degree to your interests. 

  • Earn your degree in a program specifically designed for the needs of military and adult learners.
  • Benefit from accelerated 8-week terms that allow you to complete your degree sooner and put your new skills to work faster.
  • Customize your degree by selecting courses to focus on American, European, or Non-Western Societies.
  • Learn from instructors with real-world professional and military experience, research expertise, and long-time classroom experience.
  • Get a more personal experience with smaller class sizes, allowing greater connection and interaction with your instructors.
  • Take classes within a diverse curriculum that increases career and advancement options or opportunities for graduate education.

The Political Science BS Curriculum

AOE political science courses are designed in eight-week accelerated terms to allow flexibility for adult learners. The AOE Political Science BS introduces students to a broad range of advanced topics in political science and social science as well as foundational courses. Courses vary from semester to semester. Please consult the academic catalog for the most up-to-date information.

Courses You Will Take

Courses you will take include:

  • The National Government
  • State and Local Government
  • Scope and Methods of Political Science
  • Elementary Statistics
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Skills You Will Learn

  • Reading, writing, and analysis
  • Research 
  • Collaboration
  • Ethical thinking
  • Global perspectives

Jobs for Political Science Majors

What can you do with a degree in political science? Political science is an academic discipline that develops critical thinking, analytical, and communications skills that are important for a wide range of career opportunities. For those in the military or interested in working in the field of business, a bachelor’s degree can facilitate career entry and improve the chances of promotion.


Potential job opportunities for those majoring in political science include:

  • Activist/advocacy 
  • Lobbyist 
  • Private business 
  • Campaign operative 
  • Public affairs officer 
  • Elementary and high school teaching (with teaching licensure)
  • Immigration officer 
  • Congressional aide
  • Nonprofit organization
  • Paralegal
  • National, state, or local government

A political science degree is also a pathway to advanced education that can open other career opportunities such as post-secondary teaching, public administration, and law. For those interested in political science as a career, a master’s degree is generally required.

Getting Started in the AOE Social Science-Political Science Program

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